Carmen Headshot

Originally from North Queensland, Carmen moved to Sydney to pursue her filmmaking aspirations. Since finishing her studies at Sydney Film School she has been writing, directing and shooting her own content. In between working as a technical assistant at both SFS and AFTRS she is producing and directing new films whilst supporting local artists by lending her skills as a focus puller. She’s now moved back to her hometown in NQ and hopes to foster and contribute to the local film community. 

Carmen’s key focus in filmmaking is to represent the stories that are true to her upbringing in regional and rural Australia with a unique cultural background. She wants to bring forward ideas that are unique to her point of view of what it means to live in Australia as a person of colour. The genres she is drawn to are documentary, comedy and coming of age dramas.

She has been recently working with the ABC Heywire team to script, shot list, judge and shoot various profile stories after winning the competition herself in 2013. This competition is a great example of young unique people from rural and regional areas having a platform to tell their often heartbreaking and uplifting stories.

Carmen has also had some experience in front of the camera and likes to bring that into her direction. Musical theatre, stand-up comedy and live music are just some of the forms of performance she has been involved in. She also comes from a journalism background which is why her tie to the documentary genre is so strong.

She has three titles to her name which are Panguna , Try and her most recent short To and Afro. Panguna is a short documentary about her parents meeting in the jungles of Papua New Guinea amidst the Bougainville Crisis and how they escaped. Try was a short drama about mental health in the NRL and was very loosely based on a string of incidents in her hometown, Townsville. To and Afro is a short comedy about a young girl coming to terms with her identity through acceptance of her extremely curly hair.